This video shows how to export video from a Digimerge DVR


To backup recorded video:

1. Connect a blank USB flash drive to the USB
port on the front panel.
2. Format the USB flash drive if you have not
already done so. For details on formatting the
USB flash drive, see “DISK” on page 35.
3. Press the BACKUP button on the front panel.
4. Under DEVICE, make sure to select USB (FRONT
5. Under SELECT, select specific cameras or
select ALL. Select NORMAL, ALARM, or MOTION
recording. Select all boxes if desired.
6. Under RANGE, enter date and time for the
system to scan for video. If the system finds a
file, it will immediately begin backing up the
data. Monitor the backup progress in the ACTION frame.
NOTE: If there is no video available in the range, the system will prompt, "STATUS: NO FILE."
7. Under ACTION, select START and press ENTER.
8. Once backup is complete, press CANCEL/ESC to close remaining windows.