By controlling who enters your facility and when; you are able to take a large step towards protecting your property, personnel, and visitors.

Controlling the flow of personnel into your facility is key to providing safety to your business.

We offer systems to fit your needs, if you are interested in protecting a single room with a single door or an entire facility with hundreds of doors. Our systems are scalable to fit your needs when your needs grow. Whether you are interested in a stand alone, single computer system; or a multi-user, multi-computer system we can accommodate your needs. Some of the items involved in a card access system:

  • Card Readers
  • Door Switch Monitors
  • Request to Exit Motion Detectors
  • Door Strikes/Mag-Locks
  • Badge Printing
  • Program Areas by Approved Access
  • Multiple Time Schedules to Allow Access to Areas When You Want Access Allowed
  • Ability to Incorporate Aspects of a Burglar Alarm System without Incurring a Tremendous Extra Cost
  • Integration with CCTV Systems as Well as Other Security Processes