In the day and age of having to prove guilt, security cameras and digital video recorders are becoming a necessity of modern life to protect your facility and your personnel.

We offer camera systems that are designed to meet two needs; monitoring and preserving events. By utilizing a digital video recorder (DVR) you are able to record digitally to a hard drive all of the events that take place in the view of your cameras. This allows for event recording, the ability to only record video when the camera(s) see motion. You will be left with a much greater time span of recorded video due to the fact that your DVR isn’t recording everything all the time.

Our DVR’s also give you the ability of viewing live or recorded video over the network or the internet, in some cases without the need to install software. Which means that anywhere you have access to the internet, you have access to your video. Our products also allow you to archive any incidents you deem important, whether this be to a recordable CD or to a USB thumb drive. You can save your video and take it with you.

  • Many Camera Styles to Fit Your Needs (Fixed Camera, Mini-Dome, Hidden Cameras, Pan and Tilt Cameras, IP Cameras)
  • DVR’s with Expandable Storage Options
  • Networkable, Internet Enabled